Chicago Symphony Orchestra African American Network Event: A Tribute to Josephine Baker

Tsukasa Taiko Gintenkai Premier Performance Unit members had the honor of performing at a Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s African American Network event on February 29, 2020. Composed and directed by friend & collaborator Renée Baker, we played alongside the Chicago Modern Orchestra Project and the members of the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians. We were grateful for this special opportunity to be a part of a truly unique live music event serving as the CSO’s 4th Annual Celebration of Black History Month. Full show description below:

A Tribute to Josephine Baker: A multi-dimensional homage to the first black superstar, “Le Tumulte Noir” celebrates Baker’s pioneering Paris revue and her pivotal role in the 1927 silent film “Siren of the Tropics.” See the feature film with a new original score by Chicago composer (and frequent AAN guest) Renée Baker performed live.

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