Taiko Legacy 16 and Reduction 7

Tsukasa Taiko 23rd year Journey

Tatsu Aoki’s Taiko Legacy and Reduction

In its most common incarnation Taiko (Japanese drum), is typically heard at seasonal festivals and temples all throughout Japan. The more esoteric and theatrical expression of Taiko is a less frequent and more difficult endeavor, but at the core of Tsukasa Taiko’s artistic and musical vernacular.

Check back for more information about our new milestone slated for December 2019, celebrating the sixteenth-anniversary performance.

Taiko Legacy 


Taiko Legacy is one of the largest Taiko drumming concerts in the Midwest. This perennial presentation reunites professional contemporary and classical performers alongside enduring community members to celebrate over two decades of artist directed performance. The multigenerational ensemble Tsukasa Taiko anchors the traditional musical relationship between shamisen, dance, and taiko. The often overlooked melodic capacity of the taiko is unattainable without a thorough awareness of the origins and craft of the traditional Japanese music. This ensemble performance explores the concept using original compositions and arrangements rooted in a broad range of musical styles including: ozashiki (geisha chamber music), minyo (folk music), ohayashi (classical/folk/theater music), and matsuri taiko (festival taiko music).  



Reduction is a refined response to the popularity of mainstream taiko drumming, a trend which sees taiko stripped of its particular musical and theatrical elements.  Reduction often features rare and special guest appearances that exemplify our grand experience of Taiko as a fusion of traditional and modern Japanese ideas.