Taiko Legacy 16 and Reduction 7


Tsukasa Taiko 23rd year Journey

Tatsu Aoki’s Taiko Legacy and Reduction

Taiko ART Legacy directed by multi-instrumentalist and media artist Tatsu Aoki marks Tsukasa Taiko’s 23rd year journey with two concerts and a Kabuki music workshop at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago.

Reduction 7 – The Ginten Legacy

Saturday, December 7, 2019 | 7:30 pm

The sleekness and effervescence of jazz meets the dynamism and boldness of the taiko drum in a concert of unreleased materials from 1970’s original taiko theater – the Gintenkai in Tokyo. Classical masters Hyakkyou Fukuhara (flute/percussion), Chizuru Kineya (shamisen) and Shijuro Tachibana (kabuki dance), will be joined by a critically acclaimed roster of jazz artists including poet and musician Coco Elysses; the fiercely creative jazz/reggae/world music specialist Hamid Drake; award-winning flautist and composer Nicole Mitchell, JoVia Armstrong, the winner of Black Women in Jazz Awards’ 2014 Best Black Female Percussionist of the Year, and, direct from France, drummer and improviser Yuko Oshima.

Taiko Legacy 16


Sunday, December 8, 2019 | 2:00 pm

The resonating thunder of taiko drums, the precision of traditional Japanese dance and the delicately emotive sound of the Shamisen share the stage when the multigenerational Tsukasa Taiko performs a fascinating and highly entertaining mix of original compositions and arrangements in a broad range of musical styles from ozashiki (geisha chamber music) to minyo (folk music) to ohayashi (classical/folk/theater music) and matsuri taiko (festival taiko music). Joining the 30 members of Chicago’s Taiko Legacy will be San Francisco’s Melody Takata and the GenRyu Arts and three classical music grandmasters from Japan: Chizuru Kineya, Hyakkyou Fukuhara and Shijuro Tachibana.

Kabuki Music Workshop by Shijuro Tachibana


Sunday, December 8, 2019 | 5:30 pm | Limited Seating – register now!

THE CLOSING EVENT OF TAIKO LEGACY I6 AND REDUCTION 7 with special 40th year commemorative performance by IKUNOJO FUJIMA

Join and experience the percussive sounds of the Kabuki theater. An integral part of the language of the Kabuki theater, the music and percussion are utilized to proficiently express the nuanced stage set in Kabuki. One of Shubukai’s Grandmasters Ikunojo Fujima will preface the workshop by performing an excerpt from “Fuji Musume” (Wisteria Maiden) in full costume, accompanied by the classical music grandmasters from Japan, Chizuru Kineya, Hyakkyou Fukuhara, and Shijuro Tachibana. This performance commemorates Ikunojo’s 40th year in Shubukai. Following the dance, Grandmaster Shijuro Tachibana will conduct a Kabuki music workshop, providing the audience an opportunity to participate in creating the musical landscape that provides a lush verisimilitude within a Kabuki performance.