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Aug 22 2020


07:00 PM


Asian Improv aRts Midwest Presents:
AIRMW Showcase Volume 5 – Tsukasa Taiko 3hr Special Feature

Fifth installment of AIRMW programming on HotHouseGlobal will feature local, national, and international artists involved in the legacy of Tsukasa Taiko. Stream on 8/22 7PM CDT at twitch.tv/hothouseglobal
Artist Line-Up:

Tatsu Aoki, Melody Takata (SF), Chizuru Kineya (Tokyo), Hyakkyou Fukuhara (Tokyo), Takane Umeya (Tokyo), Ed Wilkerson Jr. (Chicago), JoVia Armstrong (Chicago), Nicole Mitchell (PA), Tsukasa Taiko (Chicago)


From Tradition to the Future – TAIKO LEGACY

Hot House and Asian Improv aRts Midwest proudly present a special program of the Japanese Drumming Arts organization TSUKASA TAIKO.

The 25 years of drumming the legacy.  An evening of the history, legacy, aesthetics, and music.  A two hour plus journey of the inside of the taiko art world, presenting rare performance footages with Tatsu Aoki and the crews, special guests from Tokyo, Chicago and other cities. Everything you want to know about TSUKASA TAIKO will be unveiled by HotHouseGlobal.

 Taiko (Japanese drum), is typically heard at seasonal festivals and temples all throughout Japan. At the core of Tsukasa Taiko’s artistic and musical vernacular is a more esoteric and theatrical expression of Taiko that is a less frequented and more difficult endeavor with a speculative destination. Notable companions on this journey will include world class musicians from all over the world.

Tsukasa Taiko, one of the largest community taiko groups organized by professionals in the Midwest, offers taiko drum instruction, education, and performances.  Its mission is to preserve, develop, and pass on the traditional concepts of genuine – Japanese art as a cultural legacy, and to utilize these authentic concepts in expanding and evolving the taiko art form.  As a community group dedicated to understanding and strengthening New Japanese American, Asian American, and Japanese identity, it strives to respect tradition and develop artistic excellence and connoisseurship. Its director, teachers, and administrative staff are dedicated professionals, all recognized as world class, working artists. Tsukasa Taiko offers trainings, workshops, lectures, and demonstrations designed to teach how to play taiko, as well as to advance the understanding of how the cultural arts are a reflection of a community’s heritage and legacy.