Noriko Sugiyama

International Residency Performer, Instructor, and Gintenkai Premier Performance Unit Member


Noriko Sugiyama earned a Bachelor’s degree in Education from Keihin Women’s University in March 1985. Upon graduation, she started her career as a professional teacher at various public schools specializing in music education. In the early 90’s, Ms. Sugiyama became interested in traditional taiko performance, and joined Ayutsubo Daiko, a local taiko preservation and performance group in Shizuoka, Japan. Through training and studies at Ayutsubo Daiko, Tsukasa Taiko, and the Japan Taiko Federation for nearly twenty years, Ms. Sugiyama became an expert taiko performer and instructor.

In 2009, Ms. Sugiyama first performed with Tsukasa Taiko in the “Taiko Legacy 6” concert. In addition, combining her teaching skills and knowledge of historical and cultural aspects of taiko, Ms. Sugiyama has become an outstanding lecturer on taiko history and an expert trainer on all aspects of authentic taiko performance, from playing to vocalizing to costuming.

As International Residency Performer and Instructor of Tsukasa Taiko, Ms. Sugiyama travels back and forth between the U.S. and Japan, maintaining the link to Japanese cultural tradition fundamental to our





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