Jazz Institute Chicago’s 50th Anniversary: UNDU

UNDU is a collaborative sonic ritual intended to unravel the present and embrace a common past for a shared, visionary future. Commissioned for the Jazz Institute’s 50th Anniversary, Nicole M. Mitchell, Tatsu Aoki and filmmaker Jonathan Woods-Apuat En Heru celebrate identity and ignite a collision of Asian American and African American cultural lineages. UNDU creates a multi-dimensional experience through live performance by the MIYUMI Project interacting with Nicole Mitchell who appears through the mediums of video and pre-recorded sound. Presented in partnership with Asian Improv Arts Midwest.

Composers: Tatsu Aoki and Nicole Mitchell (music composition, concept), Jonathan Woods (visual composition, concept).

Musicians: Nicole Mitchell (flute, alto flute, piccolo, electronics); The MIYUMI Project: Tatsu Aoki (bass/shamisen), Mwata Bowden (reeds), Edward Wilkerson Jr. (reeds), Jamie Kempkers (cello), Avreeayl Ra (drums), Coco Elysses (conga/percussion), Kioto Aoki (taiko), Kiyomi Negi (taiko), Kembre Daniel (taiko).


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