Kabuki Music Workshop with Shijuro Tachibana | 12.8.19

The 2019 Kabuki music workshop was a special opportunity for the audience to experience and learn the history behind the percussive sounds of the kabuki theater. An integral part of the language of the traditional Kabuki theater, the music and percussion are utilized to proficiently express the nuanced stage set.  Grandmaster Shijuro Tachibana conducted the interactive workshop, inviting audience members to replicate the unique musical landscape that provides a lush verisimilitude within a Kabuki performance.

One of Shubukai’s Grandmasters, Ikunojo Fujima will preface the workshop by performing an excerpt from “Fuji Musume” (Wisteria Maiden) in full costume, accompanied by the classical music Grandmasters from Japan, Chizuru Kineya, Hyakkyou Fukuhara, and Shijuro Tachibana. This performance commemorates her 40th year in Shubukai.

Photography by Ken Carl.

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