CHINDONYA Workshop | 12.9.18

CHINDONYA is a traditional type of Japanese street musician that advertised for local shops and businesses. The elaborately dressed performers parade through the streets playing music and singing to gather attention for their clients. Nowadays, the chindonya tradition has become more of a rarity in Japan. Taiko Legacy guest artist, Yasushi Shimazaki will present a special hands-on workshop tracing the origins of chindonya culture and explaining various instruments and routines, as well the theatrical implications of being a chindonya in today’s time.

This special workshop was produced as part of the 2018 Taiko Legacy concert series at MCA Chicago’s Edlis Neeson Theater. Preceding the chindonya workshop, Toyoaki Shamisen and Tsukasa Taiko held two presentations as part of the Illinois Arts Council’s Ethnic and Folk Arts Master Apprentice Program.