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Virtual Presentation


Jul 12 2021 - Jul 26 2021

Urban Gateways Heartbeat of Japan for Glen Ellyn Public Library

Stream Tsukasa Taiko’s original virtual presentation put together by Urban Gateways for Glen Ellyn Public Library:

Enjoy the rich history of Japan through music and dance that embodies the country’s beautiful, centuries-old culture. Hear the thunderous roar of Taiko drums, experience the grace of classical dance, and hear the stories behind these traditional art forms. Heartbeat of Japan is performed by Tsukasa Taiko, one of the leading taiko (Japanese drumming) ensembles in the Midwestern United States. Their mission is to preserve and to protect, and most importantly, to pass on the traditional concepts of taiko as a cultural legacy through direct lineage. For families of all ages.


Password: Glenellyn21

Access Dates: 7/12/2021 – 7/26/2021